Do mercenary camps really scale every minute? Gameplay

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A few weeks back I was playing a game of SL and doing a bruiser camp with one of my teammates when they asked me to please wait 10 seconds before capping. I asked why and he said that mercenary camps scale every minute which is something I hadn't heard of before. Basically what that means is instead of capping the camp at 10:54 he wanted me to wait until the in-game time hit 11 minutes because those 11 minute bruisers are stronger than the 10 minute bruisers I would have gotten if I had capped immediately after clearing. Obviously I already knew that camps scale over time but I hadn't ever really thought about when exactly they "level up" or considered the fact that I could be capping strategically by waiting just a few more seconds.

This happened in Masters lol which made me a little embarrased that I didn't already know about this.

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