Fixing Blaze's level 20 tier

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Blaze's level 20 talent tier is pretty pathetic to be honest. There are only 3 options instead of the usual 4 and, 1 of the options is [[Burn Notice]] which is weak and boring. There is not nearly enough support for Blaze's AAs for Burn Notice to feel like the awesome capstone talent it seems to be trying to be. I would like to see its functionality adjusted, or for the talent to be replaced altogether with something more interesting. Both ultimate upgrades are great, but we can do a lot better with the rest of the tier.

Here's a bunch of suggestions for new level 20 talents that Blaze could have. Note that these need to be quite powerful to compete with Flash Fire and Fortified Bunker, and exact balance should obviously be taken with a grain of salt:

  • Jet Fuel: Blaze is Unstoppable while using Jet Propulsion, and Jet Propulsion's range is increased by 25%.

  • Burn Baby, Burn!: Flame Stream's mana cost is removed, its cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds, and its damage is increased by 50%.

  • Overheat: Toggle on/off; While active, gain Pyromania, but lose 50 mana per second. (This is separate from Pyromania's cooldown. It is meant to synergize with Meltdown and Heat Treatment, but not New Habits.)

  • Ashes to Ashes: Damaging enemy heroes with Basic Attacks or Ignited Oil Spills reduces the cooldown of Pyromania by 3 seconds.

  • Wildfire: Active; 60 seconds; For the next 10 seconds, Flame Stream and Basic Attacks leave a trail of flames on the ground that last for 2.5 seconds. These flames act as untalented Ignited Oil Spills.

  • Oil Spray: Active; 5 seconds; Your next basic attack sprays Oil instead of fire, leaving behind an Oil Spill at the target's feet. (Similar to how Fuel Leak does it.)

Another idea I had would be to swap Burn Notice with [[Adhesive Petroleum]], and then buff Adhesive Petroleum (and Burn Notice because it can't actually compete with Crossfire). I think both talents could benefit a lot from being moved around like that; Adhesive Petroleum could just flat out make Ignited Oil slow the same as regular Oil and have other benefits on top of that, and Burn Notice would feel a lot more interesting and attractive at a low level, especially since it will be right next to the other AA talents (Adrenaline Stimpack and Incinerator Gauntlets).

What are your thoughts? Do you have any other cool hot ideas for new level 20 talents for Blaze?

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