"You Have Your Orders" - Mengsk Hero Concept

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Design Notes and talents in comments.

Arcturus Mengsk, Emperor of the Dominion of Man - Ranged Assassin

Basic Attacks: Mengsk's basic attacks are a ghost decloaking and taking a sniper shot. This ghost is purely visual, and the attack comes from Mengsk for all purposes. These attacks are slow but powerful, and hit at 6.5 range.

D - Coercion - Passive: Mengsk has a wide aura that slowly coerces enemy heroes within it. Once per second, add a stack of coercion to all enemy heroes within the aura. At five stacks, that enemy becomes coerced and Mengsk’s abilities affect them differently. Coercion falls off after ten seconds of gaining no new stacks of coercion. Active: Immediately fully coerce all enemy heroes within Mengsk’s aura. 60s cooldown.

Q - Punitive Shot - Mengsk’s ghost fires a single shot in a long straight line, impacting on the first enemy hit within range, exploding and dealing damage to the target and all enemies around them. Coerced enemies damaged this way take additional damage and are stunned for 0.75 seconds. 8s cooldown.

W - Firing Squad - Mengsk’s ghost and all coerced enemy heroes fire a high-powered shot toward the targeted location, each shot dealing heavy damage to the first enemy they impact on. 16s cooldown.

E - Force of Authority - Mengsk gains a small shield and 30 armor for four seconds. All coerced enemies slightly increase the shield size and are pushed a short distance toward the chosen location in medium range. 12s cooldown.

R1 - Xel'Naga Monolith - Mengsk summons a destructible Xel'Naga Monolith at the target location within range that blocks pathing. The Monolith’s hp burns away over six seconds, and during that time it pulses once every 0.75 seconds, damaging and adding a stack of coercion to nearby enemies with each pulse. Coerced enemies damaged by the pulses are also slowed by 50% and silenced for one second. 80s cooldown.

R2 - Unwitting Pawn - Target a coerced enemy at any range. That enemy becomes rigged with explosives that arm after one second. The first time that enemy dies or gets hit by a Punitive Shot within the next four seconds, the explosives detonate, dealing massive damage to that enemy and all other enemies nearby. 100s cooldown.

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