Are most heroes not viable for high-level play?

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So I just recently reached Diamond, and it feels like I've hit the point where "You can pick any hero and STILL outplay the enemy team" no longer applies. It turns out that up here, players no longer make stupid mistakes like I mentioned in my previous post, but they're so skilled at the game that it becomes painfully obvious that the heroes I or my team uses simply aren't good enough or don't bring enough to a fight. No one is screwing up or making serious blunders anymore, so it seems less about who's the more skilled team, and more about which team has the better-equipped or best synergized team for an advantage. It's starting to feel like I'm now playing from a limited pool of heroes not because I enjoy them, but because they'll give our team the best odds at winning. Is this just what high-level play is like?

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