Heroes of the Storm's Twitch Channel needs more activity

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The last HotS streams were Deathwing first look and Tespa Collegue Series, 9 months ago. I think that's a bit of a shame, considering how important having activity in twich would be to at least trying to debunk the "dead game" reputation the game has gotten.

I just realized that Smite, for example, let top players stream their ranked games on its official channel. And, by doing so, they significantly increase the viewership their game has. Can't HoTS do something like that? Or maybe, they could have made a "Mei first look" stream as they did with Deathwing, and keep doing it with every new hero. Not to speak of how good would be if Blizzard supported any form of HotS "e-sports" like they did in previous years with the mentioned TCS.

By the way, I think that the Instagram page should be either updated accordingly or removed. Having an Instagram account and not updating it is, I think, actually worse than not having it at all.

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