Blaze can now solo camps faster than Greymane by level 4

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I repeat, Blaze can now solo camps faster than goddamn Greymane from level 4 and on!

With [[Adrenaline Stimpack]] and [[Incinerator Gauntlets]], Blaze can solo a Knight camp in about 20 seconds at level 4, which is several seconds faster than Greymane who takes about 25 seconds. Both of them can take a Siege camp in about the same amount of time. Blaze's Knight camp clear is also much cleaner than Greymane's; he barely loses any health by the end of it, whereas Greymane needs to sacrifice the majority of his health pool at low levels to solo a Knight camp.

For a tank, this is completely unheard of. Muradin with Perfect Storm, Sledgehammer, and a completed Q quest can keep up, but he has to finish his quest first, and even then his actual wave clear will be nowhere near Blaze's. Besides that, no other tank can even manage half of Blaze's camp times.

Moving Incinerator Gauntlets to 4 is a huge deal (since it no longer competes with Crossfire) and opens up a lot of options for Blaze. I'm having a blast with him honestly.

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