The voicing of dislikes

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When people voice their opinion in a way that is not offensive to anyone nor intended to belittle and attack reputation in any form or manner, no matter how disconcerting it may be, it is not for anyone else to shame them for it.

People have the right to not like and the right to express that. These are legitimate insights from the actual player base, and they should not be disregarded, especially on such a large scale as we are seeing now with the release of the new hero.

Further more, when people voice their dislikes, they generally address them to Activision Blizzard. Not to you, random person on the internet. So stop judging people for voicing their opinion. They don't need you to tell them that you like it, and stop using that as an excuse to shame people for not liking it.

As a final word, I do not encourage behaviors of degrading or attacking the reputation of people and companies.

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