I don't like Mei coming to the game.

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I, PM__ME__BEER, have been a heroes player since alpha. And I am outraged because Mei has been added to the game, especially before such heroes as Kil'jaeden, Ulrezaj, Baal, or Azshara.

I believe that with the protracted gap between new heroes, Blizzard should only make heroes if I individually approve of them. And I'm very upset that Blizzard spent dev time on another Overwatch hero.

Further, their kit has too much wave clear, hard counters Tracer, is OP and doesn't change the fact that Xul is OP.

Blizzard, or should I call you Activision Blizzard, is dead to me. If you wish to rectify this error, please contact me and me alone to decide your next hero and also buff Qhira.

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