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I want to know the community's thoughts about our current Tracer.


My personnal experience reeeaaally depends on the game mode I play. I've played around 150 games since her rework, mostly in Ranked (mid-Diamond) , and around 30 in QM.


People who mostly play QM seem to think she is completely broken at the moment. As far as my personnal experience goes, it looks like QM players simply aren't used to Tracer. Before her rework, I had a 80+% winrate in QM with her in the last two seasons (around 80 games each).

Her basic playstyle rocks in QMs because players love big bursty mages or ranged assassins that have big damage numbers, no health, no way to CC her and/or no escape.

I know it's currently controversial to say that, but Tracer already used to stomp QMs (even post nerfs), it's obviously her Rework that simply increased her popularity.


In Ranked however, people just know the girl. Most team compositions draft enough CCs to almost disable her and to prevent her from doing her mosquito things. My winrate with Tracer in Ranked hasn't changed since her Rework: for now it's 54,1% and 0,6% lower than last season (and no, most of the time there wasn't a Tassadar or a Support in the past).

Good Tracer players were already able to perform really well before her rework, and I've often been able to do so even without the help of her best friend Tassadar Support (though it was riskier).


To conclude this long post, I just want to highlight some aspects of current Tracer.

Her E isn't a "press to survive" button anymore: she often comes back in the middle of the fight, you see where she'll come back and you have more time to prepare your skillshots and CCs to kill her instantly). Abuse this weakness as much as possible.


She isn't as bursty as before her Rework (weaker base AA and weaker Pulse Bombs even at 10), but she gets better sustained damage sooner than before. This means that you now have more time to focus on her when she dives in your backline to punish her, since she relies more on sustained damage than burst and surprise damage.


If you've read that far, thank you very much and please, share your opinion.



NB: I know she has a bug on Untouchable (13) which makes her blinks absolutely crazy when exploited. I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible to have a more accurate idea of her potential.

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Tracer is OP plz delete

She's a little too strong, but numbers tweaks should do

She's ok : buffs yeah but she's easier to counter

A little bit too easily punished

Unplayable when people know how to deal with her


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