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Heroes of the Storm was always a game where you could push with an objective or minion wave. With the new anomaly, this has changed drastically, because if you get attacked while pushing, you simply can't attack back and get a decent trade.

What I often hear is "but every other successful MobA is doing it too", so I thought I made a comparison between Tomb of the Spiderqueen and the Summoners Rift, circling the tower ranges:


Since you mostly just can't fight in the range of any towers, the area of the map where you can actually fight on Tomb is abysmal small, especially when you consider that most of the area without towers is usually never used (between Hard camp and bottom pay-in). Towers defending you works in LoL because the lane distance is much longer between the towers and there is a lot more to do on the map than simple laning, so there is still a lot of action possible elsewhere.

Tomb of the Spiderqueen was designed around the fact that you can push with objective and minion waves, but it has become such a slug fest now. I understand that you might feel like you should be more protected under your fort, but at the very least remove the anomaly from the turrets. And make towers always focus objectives, so there is at least some phase in the game where you can actively try to force something.

Also, as a tank player I have to say -40 armor is bullshit. A bit more dive protection is alright, but if someone overstays under his own tower it should at least be possible to kill him if he is massively outnumbered and out of position without just dying as a tank.

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