What's the most crazy/powerful bug we've ever had?

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With all the talk of the new Imperious bug, a lot of discussion about what is the most insane/op bug we've had is popping up. Maybe not exact but here's the list of ones I can recall:

  • Samuro being able to pick Phantom Pain while his Q was active to get permanent bonus damage.

  • That time Falstad had permanent trait movement speed for what felt like forever.

  • KT being able to cast his W on everything for free with no CD, so long as he never used his trait or another spell (something along those lines).

  • That hilarious time Rag's lava wave would never end on Towers of Doom and you could just kill everyone minion as they spawned. So broken it was actually hotfixed.

  • Jaina being able to have global W range during the match countdown and just dropping it on the enemy team.

Sure there are countless others but these are the ones I remember and I'd be interested to hear others that I didn't know about or maybe forgot.

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