Players should be exempt from "Leaver Status" for mini disconnects in draft and at the very end of t

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With the ddos attacks, and the strain on the internet in general during this pandemic. Is it possible to waive the penalty for disconnects? I have played over 10,000 games on HotS and this week has been especially difficult. The game is constantly disconnecting briefly and then reconnecting. The reconnect usually works very well and I am back in the game quickly and it doesn't affect the match too much. But when it happens in draft lobbies or at the end of the game and there is no chance to reconnect then the leaver status is applied.

I currently have 4 leaver queue games to win... next time it happens it will be 5.... is there any way to suspend this penalty for the time being? And if not is there any way to reset my leaver games back to 1? I am not intentionally leaving these games... and I am not the only one with these problems.

I really hope I get a serious response from support. And yes I posted this same message on the Forums.

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