The only point of jaina's blizzard talent at 16 is to combo with ring of frost?

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Jaina blizzard talent at 16 increases second wave damage slightly and third wave damage significantly.

I can't imagine any other scenarios where that level 16 blizzard talent will get much value outside of comboing it with ring of frost's root and other CC.

And if the enemies are regularly standing in 3 waves of blizzard then I feel like jaina's team would have won anyway, with or without that blizzard damage talent.

Is there a design issue with this talent in that, you only get it when you can regularly get the enemy team to sit in all 3 waves of blizzard but if your enemy team is doing that then you probably don't even need that talent to win anyway? And against most enemy teams who can move out of blizzard consistently, the blizzard extra damage is completely irrelevant.

I'm not sure if blizzard should consider redesigning this talent. Even something like having 2 charges of blizzard, or being able to cast a second blizzard free within 2 seconds after the first one (like tassadar's storm) would be so much better than a talent that requires the enemy to sit in all 3 waves of blizzard to get value

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