Friendly reminder that 2 years after Fenix was released his "Unconquered Spirit" talent button still

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While [[Unconquered Spirit]] is a specific kind of passive talent that has a cooldown, it shows a hotkey ("1") as if it were an active talent, which other similar talents ([[Indestructible]], [[Butcher/Enraged]]) do not.

At the same time there is another bug that all the talents listed above show their button greyed (other similar talents, such as [[Dirty Tricksterer]], show the button in color).

Proof of the both statements (compared to junkrat's Dirty Trickster): https://imgur.com/a/1gjLs43

Note that the shield amount gained also mismatches Fenix's base shield amount, and matches the shield amount before the nerf (760 vs 800 baseline).

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