Cinematography 101: How to capture better clips and videos

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  1. Keep it short and sweet! Cropping out uninteresting and non-essential footage keeps viewers from becoming bored and makes for a much more successful video. Exceptions are if you want to highlight an engage, where the pre-engage posturing is an important part of the mindgames.

  2. Non-essential footage also includes the still frames at the start and end of the video. Therefore, start the replay first before hitting record. The action starts right away, without viewers wondering whether the video is playing. Conversely, stop recording at the end before stopping the replay.

  3. Explore other ways to reposition the camera than the mouse pointer. Pressing the number keys beforehand will lock the camera to a specific character before you record. Pressing Z will zoom out the camera, covering more ground. If neither of these options are sufficient, you can move the camera with the arrow keys. Preemptively positioning the camera with your arrow keys will give a much smoother recording than reactively jerking it with your mouse pointer.

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