Bug still not fixed: Imperius autoattacks random targets after hitting his spear stun (Q) while igno

Heroes /r/heroesofthestorm /u/Fountain_Hook 25 comments

Intended behavior: set him to autoattack the nearest hero stunned by his spear.

Observed behavior: he will autoattack the nearest enemy, often prioritizing minions (!!!) and any unstunned target. Shift-queue does not work during spear stun animation.

Current workaround: spam right-click on intended target, or spam movement on the ground.

How to reproduce: use the "try" option on his collections screen. Use spear on enemy hero in the middle of a creepwave.

If no inputs are given, he autos the creeps. If you right click the enemy hero once in the hopes of queueing the attack, your input is ignored. If you try to shift-queue an attack or movement, it is also ignored.

This is very annoying and fucks up your combos often. Please fix.

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