While I hope the rework is fun, I'm going to miss Tassadar (and the level 20 Force Wall upgrade)

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People underestimate him constantly. He's very weird. It's like they don't see that he's doing a ton of damage or having a big impact because he lacks hard CC, big flashy shields, or burst damage. It's almost like he does nothing well, and yet, I have had so many good games with him lately. Full AA build especially does so much more than people are expecting. They just keep scratching their heads and going, "Why am I exploding?"

Just finished another MVP game with him in unranked draft. Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy. Their Maiev kept trying to trade with me and dying (the only opportunity was before level 7, really). Their Deathwing kept finding himself easy prey for Force Wall. And the game ended shortly after we hit 20, but for the couple minutes I had it, I put that Force Wall upgrade to serious use. It's ridiculous.

If you've never tried it, you should. With AA build Tass, you can just disrupt everything as you melt opponents left and right. Upgraded Force Wall has a duration longer than the cooldown, so enemy teams can't run away from you. The sheer amount of bewilderment it seems to cause as they get cut off again and again is hilarious. I managed to get the most kills, most XP, 0 deaths, and in a couple of these games the highest damage, but no one seemed to key on the fact that it was Tass ruining lives.

I hope the rework comes with a character model for current Tassadar, because the kit is largely good. A few tweaks and we could get two heroes when we get the Tass rework.

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