Best Bans for Heroes of the Storm 2/6/20, 2 weeks after patch

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Primer for Influence: Influence is calculated with a combination of Pick Rate, Ban Rate, and Win Rate. Likely there are better bans biased on where you are on the ladder (whats good at lower ranks, what tilts your teammates during draft). Use your best judgement when banning. However, these are pretty safe bans of heroes with high adjusted pick rates and positive win rates across all Storm League ranks.

Note about Deathwing and Auriel: These heroes still have high ban rates although their winrates have come down a bit (Deathwing 52%-60%, depending on map avg 56% and Auriel 48%-59%, depending on map avg 53.6% ). Since ban rate pulls influence up, their influence is likely inflated from over-banning.

Alterac Pass

Hero Class Influence
Auriel Healer 214.2
Deathwing Bruiser 196.5
E.T.C. Tank 122.6
Raynor Sustained Damage 105.1
Mal'Ganis Tank 93.6
Lunara Sustained Damage 87.9
Kael'thas Burst Damage 85.7
Rehgar Healer 69.6

Battlefield of Eternity

Hero Class Influence
Deathwing Bruiser 460.7
Valla Sustained Damage 239.5
Li-Ming Burst Damage 220.6
Mal'Ganis Tank 122.6
E.T.C. Tank 114.6
Auriel Healer 112.6
Greymane Sustained Damage 103.4
Thrall Bruiser 77.4

Braxis Holdout

Hero Class Influence
Deathwing Bruiser 848.7
Rexxar Bruiser 404.9
Auriel Healer 166.1
Sonya Bruiser 94.7
Rehgar Healer 93.0
Fenix Sustained Damage 84.8
Lt. Morales Healer 72.5
Kael'thas Burst Damage 67.3

Cursed Hollow

Hero Class Influence
Deathwing Bruiser 656.2
Auriel Healer 152.8
Rehgar Healer 135.7
Mal'Ganis Tank 91.9
Johanna Tank 87.3
Uther Healer 78.4
Raynor Sustained Damage 71.4

Dragon Shire

Hero Class Influence
Deathwing Bruiser 563.3
Auriel Healer 455.3
Uther Healer 135.1
E.T.C. Tank 119.5
Greymane Sustained Damage 116.9
Johanna Tank 111.7
Rexxar Bruiser 109.3
Rehgar Healer 96.9

Hanamura Temple

Hero Class Influence
Deathwing Bruiser 466.3
E.T.C. Tank 181.5
Mal'Ganis Tank 146.9
Artanis Bruiser 136.0
Lunara Sustained Damage 130.3
Sonya Bruiser 129.0
Johanna Tank 128.9
Rexxar Bruiser 127.2

Infernal Shrines

Hero Class Influence
Deathwing Bruiser 606.0
Kael'thas Burst Damage 236.3
Sonya Bruiser 192.5
Auriel Healer 175.5
Valla Sustained Damage 145.3
Azmodan Siege 115.0
Rehgar Healer 109.0
Ragnaros Bruiser 85.8

Sky Temple

Hero Class Influence
Deathwing Bruiser 415.1
Auriel Healer 279.4
Kael'thas Burst Damage 198.9
E.T.C. Tank 143.8
Rehgar Healer 142.4
Sonya Bruiser 137.0
Falstad Sustained Damage 104.4
Jaina Burst Damage 100.6

Tomb of the Spider Queen

Hero Class Influence
Deathwing Bruiser 581.3
Ragnaros Bruiser 210.2
Auriel Healer 187.1
E.T.C. Tank 170.4
Johanna Tank 149.0
Jaina Burst Damage 141.5
Zul'jin Sustained Damage 96.9
Malfurion Healer 82.4

Towers of Doom

Hero Class Influence
Deathwing Bruiser 724.4
Auriel Healer 383.9
Lunara Sustained Damage 128.1
The Butcher Ambusher 84.7
E.T.C. Tank 66.8
Imperius Bruiser 66.5
Sylvanas Siege 65.7
Rexxar Bruiser 63.1

Volskaya Foundry

Hero Class Influence
Deathwing Bruiser 360.0
Johanna Tank 162.0
Zul'jin Sustained Damage 133.6
Uther Healer 82.6
Samuro Ambusher 77.7
E.T.C. Tank 76.7
Nazeebo Sustained Damage 63.7
Varian Bruiser 53.7

Oddballs: Li-Ming and Thrall are top 8 ban for only Battlefield of Eternity. Fenix and Lt. Morales are top 8 ban for only Braxis Holdout. Artanis is a top 8 ban for only Hanamura Temple. Azmodan is a top 8 ban for only Infernal Shrine. Falstad is a top 8 ban for only Sky Temple. Malfurion is a top 8 ban for only Tomb of the Spider Queen. The Butcher, Imperius, Sylvanas are top 8 ban for only Towers of Doom. Samuro, Nazeebo, Varian are top 8 ban for only Volskaya Foundry.

The formula for influence is: (Winrate - 0.5) * (Adjusted Pick Rate * 10000)

Adjusted Pick Rate is: (100 * pickrate) / (100 - (100 * banrate))

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