Stop engaging in 4x5 fights with no reason. Learn. To. Retreat.

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Imagine you're playing on Sky Temple and there's 1 altar active. Your team has 3 Keeps and 90% to level 20, enemy team has 1 keep and just got to 19, yet they're all cluttered near the altar to capture it.
Then you have someone from your team soaking a lane to get that extra XP and put the team on 20.

Then your whole team starts to camp near the altar, TOO CLOSE to the enemy team. You're already risking a disadvantageous fight.
Your teammate that is farming pinged the team to retreat 8 times, and said in chat "Do not fight, wait 10 seconds"
Then someone eats a orb and it's down to 50% HP and you see their Valla vaulting in.

That is the time where you retreat.
- You're about to have Storm talents, while the enemy team won't, and you're down 1 player which is finishing farming that sweet lvl 20. All you need to do is wait 10 seconds. Remember: You have 3 keeps, you can afford to wait.

Yet everyone decides to jump on Valla because she used vault already.
- Both teams are still in the same talent tier
- Your team has only 4 players. and one of then is down to 50% HP
- Enemy team has 5 players

Then your team gets stomped on for obvious reasons and needs over a minute to respawn, and everyone starts pinging whoever was on lane finishing the farm and saying it threw the game and will be reported, because the enemy team is now pushing to your core.

If only your team had waited 10 risk-free seconds that would make the fight an absolute win instead of not listening to retreat pings and engaging in a "3.5 x 5" fight.

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