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Hey there I'm brand new to this game. i first downloaded it and played it for like 3-4 hours about a year ago when you got in game overwatch skin rewards. Just got a new PC and this was the first game i decided to download. I am absolutely addicted and eager to learn now.

I'm trying to learn Valla.. i get the general idea of ranged assasin - single target big damage " poke" and stay alive - try and position yourself behind your tanks but I keep getting tons of toxic messages from teammates flaming my damage output in QUICKPLAY.


One issue ive already noticed is that everyone on here is a keyboard warrior. If you do not win a game or even do something slightly wrong you get absolutely ripped to shreds. I mean... they can see im literally level 11 so what do they expect idk. Doesnt seem like a very inviting environment but I still want to play anyway.


SO any tips/tricks or if anyone would like to play today and explain to me some stuff i'd really appreciate it! just post back on here. Thanks everyone!

EDIT: WOW! thank you so much to everyone who took the time to give a genuine in depth response with thorough details and references. Honestly is inspiring. It’s really awesome to know there are so many good players out there who are willing to help someone new and grow the games community. I’m honestly super excited and eager to learn bc of the players I’ve seen on this thread

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