Current state of Arthas as a Main Tank

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Currently Arthas is listed as Tank. I know many play him like a bruiser, but as he is listed as a tank I would treat him like that. I (and many others on the Internet) find it difficult to play him as a main tank. I read and watched many guides, including Zanehyde, who does an amazing job btw. But i just couldnt work him out. I am currently stuck in gold an leveled him to lvl 15 as of now, so I am familiar with him and his abilitys. I know, not every hero can be as good as others, but IMHO the other tanks like Diablo, Garrosh, ETC, Malganis and so on are just so much better at doing what they are all supposed to do. And a big point of why they are better is, they all have a stun. Arthas is like the only tank with no stun (or have I forgot someone?). I know he is built a lot about is E and his slows, but with the current meta and the mobility the most heroes have, it is kinda worth not as much as it is intended to do in my opinion. What do you think about him? Is it okay that he is just a very niche hero? Would it help him to make his W stun? This is no rage thread, just wanted to start a little discussion maybe.

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