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Most know our next event drop is after march 3.3.2020. Which kind of leaves me wondering what is our next season event for heroes of the storm? There are 7 slots for new heroes and we're getting them officially every quarter, about two weeks before our next event is launched.

So I can only assume the next hero will have planned content that follows with the seasonal event. For this reason I feel our next hero will probably be overwatch based. Considering how heavy this past year was for diablo heroes. We got Imperius, Mephisto, Deckard Cain. I feel with Diablo 4 in the works along with overwatch. Overwatch 2 is the less difficult of the two to produce. I feel we could see a heavy overwatch year in heroes because there are only 8 overwatch heroes present. While they're trying to rebuild the hype for overwatch.

Similarly, my prediction though is we will see a hero that feeds the hype of overwatch 2's, recent announcement, however this lines up better with the end of quarter two, rather than the first, to help emphasis E3. So as I see it, we have a new Overwatch Hero for the end of Q2. It just makes more sense for the game and blizzard to help bring two games on a turn around together.

Who do I think we will see? Mei. She's been the focus of overwatch. Ever since she was announced there was mentions by developers, that she would work well with her kit in the Nexus. So we can only assume she's been in development and it could line up with some new skins for heroes like a 76 skin for Raynor. Which kind of cross references for our next instalment of MechaStorm. Which is our summer event.

Speaking of events though, could we see a new event this spring? I feel the community didn't really enjoy Caldeum Complex, but I didn't play the game then either.

So I could see something new for spring this time around too, the question is what?

I really do enjoy the presents of neutral based holidays. Like Toys, Hallows End and MechaStorm. It takes the series into a different art direction and brings new styles for the developers.

With the recent release of deathwing. I see the heroes team stepping back from WoW heroes for a while too.. Starcraft is mostly done for content, so I believe the developer team is going to slow down on hero development for that universe for this year. Considering the big year it had in 2018. So I feel this year is for overwatch. Could we see 3 heroes this year bringing their number closer to Diablo and Starcraft? which 17-18.

I think so.

Which would bring Echo, Winston or Reinhardt too. They all line up well with events when we think about it too. Mei is very soft, like spring. Reinhardt is mechanical which fits with summer and MechaStorm. Echo can appear spiritual in some cases, even though she is a robot/ai. So she might be Hallows End. Winston is all about Monkeying around and well sometimes seems playfully inventing. Toys.

Do you feel these could be the next four heroes of the storm? Blizzard has mentioned there won't be a new nexus based hero for a while and none are in development right now. It feels right to catch Overwatch up with the other sub universes in comparison to WoW in this game.

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