Is anyone else having poor experiences with GM players?

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I've been around mid master in most seasons and never really encountered GM's, i'm currently climbing and i'm in low masters right now and for some reason GM players seem to be in the mix, even with Diamond 1 players... and their attitude is just awful.

To Gm's throwing the whole game because our auriel picked Rez over Aegis... and another ignoring our whole draft to pick a "carry hero" because he doesn't listen to "low masters players"... heck even a GM on the enemy team PM'd me after saying "thanks" "for giving us the victory by playing so awful"

It's just sad, these are my first experiences with the so called best players in ranked, they seem way higher than they should be, actual game play wise I'm shocked at how they did things.

There was one of them who actually featured on one of the Khaldor ARAM tourneys, he's the one that completely threw our match due to auriels ult pick, so wish I could name and shame.

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