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Hi all,

I have been having a lot of difficulty playing Abathur in Plat over the past week or two. I decayed to Diamond 5 when Classic came out and ended in Plat 1 after completing my 50 wins for the season. I consider Abathur to be one of the best heroes in the game and I think I'm pretty good with him. I climbed to Diamond with mostly Abathur on a smurf last year before HGC was kill.

Am I wrong here? Aba is usually a good FP on a lot of maps, especially Cursed Hollow, Sky Temple, or even Hanamura, but I just can't win with him anymore. Even when the enemy team gets Abathur I feel like my team just stomps the Abathur team. My hypothesis is that players around my MMR just don't know how to play with Aba. There's not much I can do to change my play as Abathur. I've had people complain that we're 4v5 with Abathur on your team (which is ridiculous), people draft all mages after I pick Abathur, even double support after drafting Abathur. I also have people go to clear waves that are at our towers, not realizing that I'm going to soak it all with my body or a hat; and asking them to go with the team and let me soak just upsets them. Also apparently most people can't play dive heroes in Plat apparently, so my Aba pick isn't nearly as strong. Is Plat this bad? Or is Aba just really not in the meta at this MMR? It appears that heroes that can split push or straight up brawl 24/7 are the best heroes around Plat 1 and that leaves Abathur in a weird spot.

Is anyone else having similar experiences with Abathur? I consider him an excellent hero and any tier list or high level player seems to agree... I just have lots of problems fitting him into the current brawl 24/7 and ignore any intelligent strategic play meta around my current rank.

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