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Hi everyone, this is my concept suggestion for Cenarius, the Demigod, the Keeper of the Grove, and teacher and protector of the elves and their forests for 10,000 years until he was killed by the corrupted orcs led by Grom Hellscream, and later revived by Malfurion. Cenarius was responsible for teaching the ways of the Druid to the night elves.

Anyway, lore aside, he's a badass centaur looking guy with immense power to control nature.

My concept for Cenarius is a ranged Healer that controls the battlefield by en-flourishing the ground with the Grove.


TraitThe Grove (60s cooldown) Cenarius enchants a small area near him with the Grove, which slowly spreads up to a maximum distance from Cenarius. Previously grown Grove remains as long as it is connected to Cenarius. Allies inside the Grove receive healing every second.

Think of it as Zagara's tumor, except Cenarius is the focal point from which it grows, and it doesn't decay as long as Cenarius stays within this area which continuously grows near him as he walks around. The Grove grows way slower than his movement speed, so if he leaves the area or dies it will start decaying. Making him a quite an immobile healer that focuses on single lane.


Z: Leap (20s cooldown) Leaps a short distance in the targeted direction. Can be used to jump over walls and buildings


Q: Wild Growth (5s cooldown) Cenarius Sends out a short wave in the targeted direction that heals allies. If casted from within the Grove, it applies Grove to the the affected area.

His bread and butter ability to sustain his team alongside Grove's passive healing, and also used to accelerate the growth of his domain. This ability can be upgraded to do quite a lot more with talents which I will mention later.


W: Nature's Wrath (3 charges, 8s cooldown) Cenarius Grows an immobile vine that whips nearby enemies dealing damage and slowing them by 20%. When vines are placed near each other, they create a wall that roots the first Hero that touches it for 0.5 seconds. Vines last for 8 seconds. If the vine lasts its's full duration, it explodes on death dealing additional damage.

Cenarius' main damage and CC ability. Vines essentially work as a turret with very small range, that attack nearby enemies prioritizing heroes and can be destroyed. it's final effect is mostly useful for wave clearing.


E: Thorns (14s cooldown) Grants an allied hero or vine a temporary shield that absorbs damage. While the shield is active, when is attacked, it shoots a spike at the attacker that deals damage.

Cool damage mitigation ability, coupled with a return similar to genji's deflect. Inspired by Warcraft III's aura for Keepers of the Grove.


R1: Keeper of the Grove (120s cooldown) Passive: Grove's growth speed in increased by 40%; Active: Summons an Ancient Protector at the targeted location that can throw boulders at a distance. The Protector also works as a focus point for the Grove. Can be healed and does not have a limit duration. Only one protector may be active at any time.

The ancient protector is a slow moving, high HP, tree creature that patrols the area where he was initially summoned similarly to Nazeebo's Gargatuan. Whenever there are enemies near him, he will attack them, otherwise he throws boulders at long range. The boulder works like the Giant merc's camp, but with more range. Ideally It is meant to be placed in front of a gate or fort, to help protect it from minion waves, while also continuously throwing boulders to the middle of the fights. It's also useful to allow Cenarius to leave his Grove temporarily to join a fight elsewhere without causing it to decay.


R2: The Emerald Dream (80s cooldown)Cenarius enters a dream-like state, becoming immobile in his location and creating an invulnerable mirage of him in any location of the map with vision. During this effect Cenarius controls this mirage directly, allowing him to cast abilities from that position, with no mana costs and 40% faster cooldowns, but moves 20% slower. Lasts for 15 seconds.

This ultimate is meant to make up for his lack of mobility in the map, due to his need to remain inside the Grove, allowing him to join teamfights from afar, somewhat like Abathur's clone. Also you get to be invulnerable for 15 seconds casting your abilities which is pretty cool. Keep in mind you can be easily killed while in this state, so it must be used from a safe position


That's the base kit. I also want to couple some ideas for possible talents:

- Level 1 talents give additional effects to allies standing inside the Grove. Bonus movement speed, mana regeneration or a talent that allows heroes to become stealthed if standing still for 5 seconds.

- A talent that causes Vines to become enraged when hit by wild Growth, increasing their attack speed by 100%.

- Level 16 talent that makes Thorns give unstoppable effect to the target

- Level 16 active "rejuvenation" talent that grants a heal over time for 10 seconds to the target, which the duration is refreshed when healed with Wild Growth

- Talent that makes Thorns explode for huge damage if the shield is broken

- Talent that makes Vines explode immediately when an enemy is rooted by their walls

- Talent that makes vines create a second vine after the first one explodes in the same location

- Active talent that temporarily increases healing done by the Grove

- A unique varaint of Ice Block that also spawns two treants

- Level 20 talent grants all 3 effects of the first tier

- Level 20 upgrade to the Emerald Dream causes a blast that silences enemies near the initial cast


Thanks for reading, looking forward to see what you guys think of this concept. Personally, i'd love to see Cenarius in the game some day.

Also Blizzard, I'm a programmer with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. If want to hire me to program this(or anything else really) i'd be more than happy to do it :)

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