I've collected the best evidence. AI is taking over the HotS developers' jobs

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It even detected the Arthas bias.

Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes:

• Gazlowe's mount speed increased by 20%

• Rexxar now has a chance to roll the Rare item, which is required to craft a Golden Rexxar item.

• The Rexxar and the Grizzly mount have new portraits

• Rexxar can now attack while stunned.

• Battle Cry: Now causes Raynor's next Basic Attack to deal 50% additional damage, instead of increasing Attack Power by 30%

• Tychus: Added an "Unburrow" animation for his Heroic Ability

• Arthas' Ethereal Jaunt cooldown reduced to 7 seconds (from 10)

• Reinhardt now gains 25% less Health per level

• Gazlowe's Reworked, now has a new mechanic: Leaping Strike (Passive) - While in Leaping Strike mode, Gazlowe gains 15% Movement Speed for 4 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 2 seconds.

• Leoric's Feral Lunge has been added to the game.

• Diablo's Shadow Word: Pain's range has been increased from 150 to 200.

• Kharazim's Lunar Strike now has a new visual effect.

• The Diablo and Kharazim Leashes now properly update upon exiting the Lunar/Solar Eclipse.

• The cooldown of Diablo's Shadow Word: Death has been reduced from 18 to 10 seconds.

• Illidan's Soul Fire now correctly heals for the right amount.

• Brightwing's Turn Rate increased by 20%

• The following heroes have had their base movement speed increased:Blizzard, Chen, Kael'thas

• Illidan's Dive now has a 3 second cooldown when used on a Hero that is killed by the Heroic Ability.

• Heroes now take half damage from structures when damaged by Raynor's Raiders

• Arthas can no longer cast spells while on the Dragon Knight Battleground

• Brightwing's Healing Rain no longer heals structures

• Murky can no longer move while in the process of casting Fishing Hook

• Zagara's Banelinglings now have a 3 second stun

• Muradin's Healing Rain cast range increased from 5.8 to 6.0

• Heroes that are hit by Illidan's Hunt no longer drop stacks of Blood For Blood

• Zeratul's Void Prison's damage increased by 100%

• Zeratul's Vacuum's stun duration reduced from 1.5 to 0.

• Gazlowe's Black Market has been added to the game

• Gall can now cast Bribe on enemy heroes

• Heroes that have received a major power increase, like Malfurion, are now properly identified.

• Arthas, the Lich King, has appeared!

• Fixed a bug with Sonya's Black Hole

• A Hero who is killed during the first 45 seconds of a match will now display an icon over their head to notify other players of their death

• Artanis will no longer die after receiving a Transcendent Keystone.

• Tychus' crotch has been temporarily renamed to "Tyrande's Clothes" in the Diablo III client to avoid confusion

• Medivh has gained the ability to use Dragon Knights as mounts

• Murky's Egg now spawns more Locusts

• Fixed a bug with Murky's Egg that prevented it from working while the Egg was in the Fog of War

• AFK'ing on the minimap no longer shows the number of seconds AFK'ing was active

• The cooldown of Storm Bolt is reduced by 2 seconds for every 10% health missing on the target

• The number of Regeneration Globes generated by Zagara has been decreased by 6

• Tychus can now be attacked and defeated while mounted

• Illidan's now says the voice line, "I have been prepared."

• Kael'thas's voice line is changed from "We will burn our enemies, and they will burn us." to "We will burn our enemies and they will burn us."

• Kharazim's "I'll rip out your heart!" now sounds as the Kharazim's taunt voice

• Brightwing's "Slay your fears!" now sounds like the voice line she says during the cast of her ultimate

• Fixed Brightwing' store description to read, "Unleash your inner demon"

• Leoric's health increased by 1

• Chen's Flying Kick cooldown has been increased to 20 seconds

• Arthas has been given a new model

• Sgt. Hammer's "Hammertime!" talent can now only be used on Murky

• Nova's innuendo emote is now visible to the enemy team

• Stitches' "Spawn Egg" now displays the correct duration for 1 minute, 5 seconds when using it on an enemy.

• Heroes can no longer use abilities while Blind

• Muradin's "Iron-forged Armor" talent no longer gives Armor

• Raynor's jump height has been reduced

• The cooldown for the Diablo's Demon Tail Heroic has been reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds. This Heroic can no longer be used to stun enemies

• The cooldown for Abathur's Carapace is now 0 seconds when cast on Abathur

• Li Li's Shadow Dash cooldown reduced to 10 seconds

• The "Wizard's Hat" talent has been removed from Murky

• Fixed an issue that caused the "Create New Hero" button to be missing in the Hero Select screen

• The game's camera no longer zooms in when a player has a player-controlled ghost (such as Illidan's Ghost Wolf or Thrall's Thrall)

• All players can now use the /summoning emote

• Dustin Browder has been added to the in-game credits screen

• Gazlowe can no longer enter water

• Warcraft III

• Leoric's Black King Bar has been removed from his model and has been replaced with a new skin, "Blackheart Leoric"

• Medivh's beard has been re-scented.

• Murky's voiceover has been translated into Spanish, German, Russian, and Simplified Chinese

• Xul's boner timer will now start on the second cast of Feral Lunge.

• Fixed a bug that caused Rehgar's Overclocked Reserves and Thrall's Ancestral Healing to share a cooldown.

• Muradin has been removed

• Malfurion will now properly turn into a chicken after eating some delicious food.

• Fixed an issue where Thrall would repeatedly turn to face his target when cast on his own hero

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