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Hero releases have become scarcer recently, team is smaller, its harder to make new Heroes from the scratch. Why not use the opportunity of Tassadar rework and give the parts of his kit that won't make it trough rework for ,,new Hero'' that would fit its fantasy better.

This hero could be Sentry or some other Starcraft Protoss. I am not saying complete copy and paste but keeping the general idea of this Tassadar we have here that is going to be history soon and give it to this theoretical hero.

Since many people seem to enjoy Tassadar since his latest buffs, why throw his kit away completely, why not use it for a Hero who fits its fantasy better, with of course some alterations and additions ( especially in talents).

Tassadar should get a rework, that's out of question, he should be a mage type character and I think his rework will be a ton of fun, but I still wish we got a hero who would get some parts of his current kit and fantasy as it is now. Not only would this take some weight of the HotS team because some parts of the Hero would be ,,done'' but people who enjoy Tassadar as he is now would have something to hop on to when they want to play such hero.


What do you think?

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