People were struggling with KTZ's heroic so I made a guide, with video!

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Alright because design discussion is pretty pointless I thought it'd be more productive to make a small guide as to how to deal with Kel'thuzad's Heroic.

Disclaimer: Multiple year GM player. These are expert tips and may require multiple seconds of practice in Try Mode to refine! Do not get discouraged, you too can acquire this majestic skillset through sheer perseverence and dedication! But make sure your ping is less than 1200 that's kinda important.

Alright, so that supposedly "bad" to deal with KTZ is as in this example. As you can see, there's some inefficient movement and the Azmodan is not exactly min/maxing his damage either.

Here's an example of how a truly adept padawan executes this spacial tactiks. You can see Azmodan went through significant practice and as a result massively improved how well he is dealing with this oppressively powerful heroic. BLIZZPLZ?

However, only the cream of the crop can aspire to rival the Legendary Beginner AI Azmodan. For perfect execution of how to evade Kel'thuzards Frost Blast, please study this video very carefully!!! YOU TOO CAN DO THIS. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

May the blight Force be with you!

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