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UPDATE: 47.1 Hotfix:

First two changes to search terms for heroes:

You can now search Kel'Thuzad and Mal'Ganis by the following Keywords: Wrath of the Lich King Warcraft III 3 War3

You can no longer search for Qhira by typing "Curly Black" or "Chainsword", but now you can search for her by typing "Chainblade". Do you know what keyword she's missing though? I'll give you a hint, it starts with Q and ends with hira.

Now the Qhira changes:

BloodRage activation no longer has the 50% multiplier for Fatal Wounds.

BloodRage bleed now check for max stacks to apply the 50% multiplier from Fatal Wounds.

Original Post


  • Has a Life of 2075, a life regen of 4.3242 and radii are 0.625.
  • Is considered a channeled auto attacker, escaper, ganker, overconfident, roamer, autoattacker and sololaner.
  • Can use mounts, beasts, bikes and surf.
  • Has a medium melee weapon, with a range of 2.25, scan range of 4 and a base attack time of 1. Deals 100 damage with a modifier of 25% (Finishing Touch), 20% (no sanctuary), 25-100% (the hunted), and 12-120% (The Thirst). If The Thirst is active and you damage an enemy hero, leech 50% of the damage you dealt. It applies blood rage as long as you're not blinded and the target's not evading.
  • Has a standard scaling (4%) on all her abilities.

Q - Carnage

  • Has a cast time of 0.125 seconds, a cast range of 500, a mana cost of 40 and a cooldown of 6.
  • Clears attacks if the target is out of range, and all movement commands.
  • Deals damage 5 times. The first 4 happen once every 0.0625 seconds, while the fifth one waits for 0.3125 seconds to do its damage.
  • In total, after casting the ability you'd need to wait 0.125(cast time)+0.0625x4(4 initial ticks)+0.3125(recall)=0.6875 seconds.
  • All 5 hits have the same width (1.25), with a max range of 8.5 and each of the first 4 ticks adding a quarter of it (so 2.125,4.25,6.375,8.5), with the pull also having 8.5 range and 1.25 width.
  • The skill is channeled, if you're Dazed, Dead, Silence, Stasis or Stun it gets cancelled. The fifth hit can hit even if you're CC'd.
  • Deals 30 spell damage on each instance, with a 20% modifier if you have No Sanctuary active.

W - Blood Rage

  • Passive
    • Whenever you deal damage with: Carnage (all 5 instances), Revolving Sweep (both times), Unrelenting Strikes (all instances), Maximum Effort, Booming Kick, Pulsing Pain (each instance), Grappling Hook (twice), Final Strike and Auto Attacks apply Bloodrage.
    • Once applied, add a damage token (max 4), also add a DoT debuff. The latter debuff lasts for 4.0625, ticking once per second, with a max stack of 5. On initial application, add the target to a tracker. On every application, also add a heal token to Kira.
    • The DoT deals 11 spell damage, increased by an accumulator by up to 400% extra. Also has a 50% modifier from Fatal Wounds.
    • Upon expiration of the DoT debuff, remove the damage token from the target, remove the target from the tracker, and remove that many heal tokens.
  • Active
    • Has a mana cost of 35 and a cooldown of 8.
    • Can only be used if you have tracked heroes with blood rage.
    • Upon activation, immediately heal yourself for: 85*(Tracked hero) + 42.5*(Caster heal Token).
    • Now look for every tracked unit, deal 32 damage to them with an accumulator that is (damage token)*0.5, the one applied on the passive. Shown as a crit if you have max stacks or any spellpower.
    • I need to check because there's something that doesn't quite make sense. The damage token accumulator shouldn't be stacking on the initial application for all of this to make sense but from what I see in the code it's being applied. Maybe I'm not looking at the correct one, as this character has a HUGE amount of unused data and useless calls.

E - Revolving Sweep

  • Has a mana cost of 70, cooldown of 16, cast range of 500, cast time of 0.125 and an outro of 0.75
  • Cannot be used while rooted.
  • Launches a missile with a max projection of 8. It's cancelled if Qhill becomes Dazed, Dead, Stunned or Stasis but not Time Stop. Do note that the list does not include Roots.
  • The missile has a speed of 25. It searches in a 1 width and 1.15 range, picking the closest hero to Qhibble if multiple are hit on the same tick.
  • Once a hero is hit, damage him for 96 spell damage with a 20% modifier from No Sanctuary and stun them for 0.25 seconds. Put the secondary activation on a 0.25 seconds cooldown. Then add a Blood Rage stack.


  • Only works if the target is not a Ragnaros Molten Core or a Falstad Mid Flight, the target is not unstopabble and Qhinoa is not Dead, Rooted, Silenced, Stasis or Stunned.
  • Always make Qhirk face the target, apply a behavior as long as she's not Dead, Feared, Polymorphed, Rooted, Silenced, Stasis, Stunned, Slept or TimeStopped and the target is not dead.
  • The behavior checks for enemies every 0.0625 seconds between 0.25 and 5.75 units in front of Qhick with a width of 0.75, excluding the main target. On impact, damages the enemy for 105 spell damage with 20% modifier from No Sanctuary. It gives them a buff to prevent targets from being hit for one second.
  • Applies a buff for 2.75 seconds that: Removes Qhip's collision, Makes her negate all spell damage (some on hit may go through?), immune to aoe and skillshots, unstopabble and untargetable, disables her abilities, disables movement attack and stop commands, and reenables Grappling Hook and Revolving Sweep reactivation. This buff is cancelled if you're Dazed, Dead, Rooted, Silence, Stasis or Stunned, no longer have a tracked hero (because he died most likely), are not in push pull, either you or the target becomes timestopped, the target becomes unstopabble or invulnerable, or you somehow are more than 10 units away from the target. You also get generic evasion as long as you have a tracked main target. If this buff is removed, the kinetic is removed too.
  • The Kinetic follows the target for a full cycle around them over the same time as the buff (2.75 seconds). It gets immediately cancelled if the target is above 10 range from you or either you or your target is stasis'd or timestopped. You always rotate clockwise around the target and stay at a 6 range.


  • Requires a tracked unit by Revolving Sweep to be activated.
  • Upon activation, immediately moves you towards your target. Your speed becomes 25 with a -5 acceleration (and a minimum speed of 5), it gets automatically cancelled after 5 seconds. It has a placement range of 10.
  • You get a secondary cast buff, that works just like the buff that the kinetic depends on. Negates spell damage, removes collision, immune to aoe and skillshots, unstoppable, disables your abilities (and unlike the initial sweep, doesn't enable grappling) and has a duration of 1 seconds. You can taunt while moving as this doesn't disable it like the kinetic buff.
  • Upon impact, shake the camera, apply a 0.75 seconds stun, a knockback that moves at a 12 speed for 0.1875 seconds (2.25 distance), deal 108 spell damage (with a 20% no sanctuary modifier), then apply blood rage. Finally, remove the secondary cast buff.

R1 - Unrelenting Strikes

  • Has a mana cost of 60 and a cooldown of 75.
  • Upon activation, locks your facing to whichever direction you're facing at that moment. Also applies a behavior that lasts for 2.5 seconds and ticks every 0.5 seconds. This buff disables your attack, Carnage, Revolving Sweep, Grappling hook, Unrelenting Strikes, Capture Point, Hearthstone, Mounts and Taunt (note: this means it deactivates her dance, you can still taunt to cancel the animation, but taunt leaves you stationary). This gets immediately cancelled if you become Polymorphed, Silenced, Stasis or Stunned. You can't be cloaked while casting this ability.
  • The initial damage is done by searching enemies in a 1.5 radius (plus her radius, meaning 2.125). Subsequent damage search for enemies in a 1.5 + her radius, with a radius bonus of 0.5 units. This means that the damage is done on 2.125, 2.125, 2.625, 3.125, 3.625, 4.125 radius.
  • Each hit deals 44 spell damage with a 20% modifier from No Sanctuary, it also applies blood rage.
  • At the end of the buff, a final search is done. This one searches for all units in a 3.5 + her radius range (4.125). Units impacted here will be stunned for 0.75, and that stun will deal 83 spell damage with a 20% modifier from no Sanctuary. Applies blood rage.
  • At the end, 7 hits will be done. At 0.0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 2.5 seconds. The final one will not damage unstoppable enemies, as it requires the stun to apply the damage.

R2 - Final Strike

  • Has a mana cost of 45, a cooldown of 40, a cast range of 500, a cast time of 1 seconds with an outro of 0.5 seconds.
  • Clears attack and movement commands.
  • If the cast is interrupted, the cooldown becomes 10 seconds.
  • On cast, launches a missile that has a range of 20, a speed of 36 and it is allowed in unpathable.
  • While moving, the missile searches in a width of 3 and a range of 1.5. On impact it deals 415 spell damage with a 25% modifier for heroes below 50% life, and another 25% modifier for heroes below 50% if you have Unleashed Potential. Applies blood rage.

D - Grappling Hook

  • Has a cooldown of 25, and a cast range of 500.
  • Clears attack and movement commands.
  • Can only be used if you're not rooted and are on pathable ground.
  • On activation, locks your facing towards the target and launches a missile that has a speed of 25 and 12 range.
  • While the missile is in flight (or up to 1.5 seconds max), gain a channel buff. This buff pauses all orders and is removed if you're Dazed, Dead, Feared, Polymorphed, Rooted, Silenced, Stasis'd or Stunned. If the buff is removed, the ability is canceled.
  • The missile searches for heroes in a width of 1 and height of 1.15, and if two heroes are impacted in the same tick, pick the one closest to Qhiet.
  • If a unit is hit, remove the main Revolving Sweep unit from its tracker (aka cancel that ability). Launch Qhiz towards the target, deal 35 spell damage to it with a 20% No Sanctuary modifier, apply Blood Rage and remove the channel buff.
  • This target launch has a speed of 25, acceleration of -5 and minimum speed of 5 with a placement range of 10. It gets cancelled if you become Dazed, Dead, Rooted, Silenced, Stasis, Stunned or Timestopped. If the target is Falstad and is flying, cancel this too.
  • Once you impact the target hero (impact range is 1), medium camera shake, deal 108 spell damage with a 20% No sanctuary modifier and apply bloodrage.
  • If you hit collision, move from Qhiet's position to the missile position, with a speed of 25, and gets cancelled by the same reason the target launch gets cancelled. The missile bounces on collision, so that you never go "inside" a wall.
  • Just like Artanis' Blade Dash. If you're hit by displacements at the last tick of the target launch, you'll ignore them.
  • Whiffs on molten core? Need to check.

Level 1

  • Maximum Effort
    • Whenever Carnage deals damage, apply a hidden debuff on the target for 0.5 seconds.
    • After applying the debuff, check if it has 3 stacks. If it does, deal 108 damage, with a 20% modifier for No Sanctuary. This also adds a Blood Rage stack, slows the target with -0.2 UMS for 2 seconds, and removes all the ME stacks.
  • Fatal Wounds
    • Fatal Wounds bleed ticks have a 50% fatal wounds multiplicative modifier, if the target is a hero, has less than 50% life and have max Blood Rage stacks.
    • On each Blood Rage DoT periodic tick, add one to the quest token. On activation add a token too.
    • Upon quest completion (125 tokens), modify the Bloodrage duration adding 2 seconds to it.
    • There's a bug on this talent: Blood Rage activation count as a bleed tick for the quest token.
  • Finishing Touch
    • Autoattacks have a 25% multiplicative modifier if the target is a hero with less than 50% life.
    • Whenever you autoattack, after the damage is applied, if the target hero has less than 50% life apply a 35% additive attack speed buff for 2.5 seconds. Applies even while blinded/evaded.

Level 4

  • Upstage
    • When Blood Rage activates, after the damage is dealt, check if Bloodrage has at least 2 tracked heroes. If it does, activate Upstage buff.
    • The buff is an evasion with a duration of 12 and max 4 stacks.
  • Ensnaring Swing
    • The main target of Revolving Sweep gets a 2.75 seconds -0.25 UMS slow. This is removed on the reactivation's Impact.
    • Secondary targets hit by Revolving Sweep gets a 3 seconds -0.35 UMS slow.
  • Your Pain My Gain
    • Whenever you attack, after the damage is done, if the target is a hero, gain a 10 armor buff for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Level 7

  • Healmonger
    • When Blood Rage active is going to deal damage to a unit, immediately before, check if the target is a hero with less than 50% life. If it is, self heal for 205 (crit).
  • The Thirst
    • Whenever Carnage deals damage, after the damage is dealt, if the target is a hero, gain a buff for 4 seconds, with a max stacks of 10.
    • Each stack of the buff adds damage to your next autoattack by 12% (for 120% max). If that attack hits a hero, leech 50% of its damage. After the damage is done, remove all stacks.
    • This talent is bugged, as it does not validate that the target is a hero for the extra damage, only the leech.
  • Siphoning Link
    • After dealing damage to the main or secondary target of Revolving Sweep, apply Siphoning Link buff. It lasts 4 seconds and ticks every 0.5 seconds. Heals for 12 plus an accumulator that adds 100% each, with a max of 400%.
    • Just like Blaze's Burn Notice, whoever coded this forgot that each stack of the accumulator adds 100% up to 4 times, forgetting that it starts at 100%, this means it stacks 5 times.

Level 13

  • Chainsaw
    • Permanent buff, checks every 0.0625 seconds for every tracked unit with Blood Rage, if they're a hero at max stacks (4), reduce Carnage's cooldown by 0.0625 seconds. This ends up being an extra 100% CDR.
  • Pulsing Pain
    • When a secondary hero is hit by Revolving Sweep, deal 115 spell damage to the main target, and apply a blood rage stack.
  • The Hunted
    • Whenever Qhiver attacks an enemy, put a hidden buff on her for 4 seconds. If the target is a new target, set your tokens to 0. After the weapon damage is done, add the attacked unit to the tracker and if the unit is a hero, get a hunted token. None of this happens if you're blinded or the target evading.
    • You autos have a 25-100% multiplicative modifier, 25% per hunted token stack.
    • Upon Qhiche's death the hunted is immediately removed. With a duration of 4 seconds I wonder why this was needed.

Level 16

  • Booming Kick
    • Upon pickup, increase the Revolving Sweep reactivation stun, increasing it by 0.25 seconds.
    • On Revolving Sweep reactivation impact, search in a 4 radius around the target's location. Do the same knockback, stun, damage and blood rage that the main target receives.
  • Lingering Ailment
    • When Revolving Sweep hits the main target after the damage, and whenever a secondary hero is hit before the damage, put the buff on the target. It leaves them vulnerable for 3 seconds, with a -15 armor.
  • Swing Life Away
    • While Qhince has the Revolving buff, every 0.0625 seconds, apply the armor bonus (50 spell armor against Heroes mercs monsters summon structure and minion), and reduce Revolving Sweep's cooldown by 0.0937 seconds.
    • When Revolving Sweep is reactivated, immediately remove the original armor bonus, and apply a bonus that's exactly the same, but this one has 2 seconds duration.
    • This should most likely be changed to be applied when the stun happens and not on second cast, as you lose ~.25 seconds of the duration since you're practically invulnerable before the kick.

Level 20

  • Silent Killer
    • The initial hit of Unrelenting Strikes also apply a 2 second silence to all units it impacts.
    • Every hero impacted by any hit of Unrelenting Strikes reduces its CD by 3 seconds each.
    • On unstoppable heroes, the final impact will not damage them, but the CD will be reduced by this talent anyway.
  • Unleashed Potential
    • On Final Strike there's a second 25% modifier if you have this talent.
    • On Final Strike hit, before doing the damage, apply a 1.5 seconds damage response for fatal damage. If it triggers, set Carnage, Blood Rage, Revolving Sweep and Final Strike's cooldown to 0.
  • Utility Belt
    • When you impact a main target of Revolving Sweep, set the Grappling hook CD to 0.
    • Every 0.0625 seconds check if Qhid has not been in combat for 5 seconds (this is a generic check, and it checks only for damage taken). If that's the case, reduce Grappling's Hook cooldown by 0.5625. This is an extra 900% CDR.
  • No Sanctuary
    • Upon pickup, create a permanent buff that checks every 0.125 seconds. Search in a 26+Thicc radius, if an enemy hero has less than 50% life. Add the hero to a tracker, then reveal them.
    • The reveal is removed if the target ever goes above 50% life, dies, or is above 26 range from Qhixote. It gets disabled if the enemy becomes cloaked or invulnerable.
    • Many damage abilities or talents have a 20% multiplicative modifier, it checks for the target to be revealed by this talent.
    • Since the reveal is applied with 26+Radius and gets removed with 26, if a target is at the edge of the ability they'll be blinking, one tick revealed while the next they're not.

Unused Code:

  • Just like with Orphea, there's a huge number of talents or abilities that were unused and still visible on the data files.
  • Hunter's Vengeance was her old trait. Seems to work like Rengar's passive in League of Legends. No Sanctuary used to be an upgrade to this.
  • Sweeping Infection was a talent that used to trigger the BloodRage damage then apply an extra bloodrage stack. It triggered with the damage on E's secondaries while spinning.
  • Another deleted talent was Delayed Delivery: after 8 seconds with Bloodrage, deal an extra 150 damage.
  • Swing Life away used to trigger its effect only when secondary targets were hit. It was not CDR, maybe just the armor.
  • Fuel the Fire used to be the CDR talent, -2 seconds per primary/secondary enemy hero hit.
  • Unshakable was an unstoppable effect for 1.25 seconds when you hit with Revolving Sweep's reactivation.
  • Final Strike used to be two casts. The first one would've channeled the ability while the second one would've launched the missile. It worked like Hanzo's Q chasing your mouse position.
  • Looks like she started out as a ranged autoattacker with a channeled auto attack (like Tassadar and Zarya). Given her weapon is a big part of her identity I guess they scrapped a different hero and used the same file.
  • Efficacy was a talent that lowered Grappling Hook's CD by 1.5 on each autoattack.
  • Closing Speed was a 25% MS buff for 2.5 seconds applied once you arrived at the target point (not hero) with Grappling Hook.
  • Utility Belt used to be a second charge on Grappling Hook.
  • I didn't actually look at the full code, this is just things that I found while checking the actual abilities. I'm pretty sure that Spazzo can add to this list.
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