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From out of the veil, and like a drum beating from over the horizon..... the call to arms is here!

Back by popular demand, the All Hallows Cup returns to the nexus for the month of October.

However, this time, there are a few small changes:

First of all, we're opening up the event to anyone and everyone. If you feel you have a team prepared to try and take home a prize. Then feel free to register.

There will be a weekend of open qualifiers. Of which, the top 8 teams will qualify for a place in the finals weekend.

The next change, is that we will stagger the games during finals weekend. Historically, we've ran two different series at the same time and broadcast it across two channels. This time to ensure we don't split viewership as much, all the games, for every series will be shown at HalloweenHeroes .

However, we will be partnering up with at least two other alternative language casters to give you the choice of at least two other languages to watch the tournament. More official news on this later.



If you are a player/team wishing to register your interest. Or an interested party wanting the latest information on the action! Please check out our Battlefy


There will be a guaranteed 1st and 2nd place cash prize. And we've historically paid out a 3rd place prize too. There is a starting £650 in the pot to get the ball rolling, but if you the viewer at home would like to support the players, then please click here to donate to the pool. As per our blizzard license all funds in this tournament go towards the prizes for players.

But we won't forget about the loving community at home! You guys continue to show other communities across the internet what it is to fall in love with a MOBA, so to show our appreciation, there will be periodic giveaways for the viewers across the event. So keep an eye on the twitch chat for some of the moderators to activate a giveaway. #Freeloot



As things stand, the qualifiers will be held on Saturday & Sunday during the first week of October. The 5th and 6th.

The main event with our final teams will occur across Friday the 18th, Saturday the 19th and finals on Sunday the 20th of October.


As stated previously, more info on where to watch this event will come out in the coming weeks.

As like last time, there will be a number of posts on the lead up to the main event to introduce some of the teams and players... but thanks for your continued support as always!


Specifically from me Halloween:

There is a lot of negativity which continues to thrive and comes from some of the strangest places. But my experience at the Master's Clash in Paris recently, really amazed me.

I got to talk with some of the best players in Europe and what really struck me was how Heroes of the Storm continues to bring such happiness and excitement to these people. Players coming together in teams and competing in esports is what it is all about.

If i can bring a format to them, it makes it all worthwhile. Yes there might be some people who for seemingly no reason want to tear people and things down. But it's no reason to stop, so here you go folks. Please help make this what it deserves to be! An exciting online event for everyone to enjoy! I've been casting for years with my colleague Jabroni and we've had a lot of ups and downs across our career, but getting to see just how far the community continues to love this game has been really heartwarming. I want to encourage and cherish that as much as possible. It's like HasuObs beanie.... we need to hold onto it as much as possible and never let it go!


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