We both know it's another character idea. It's Lilian Voss, though, so it's pretty cool. Enjoy.

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Character: Lilian Voss - Undead Assassin

Lilian was the daughter of a powerful priest of the Scarlet Crusade, once. After her death, she was brought back as a potential recruit for the Forsaken army, but her former allies imprisoned her, and her father disowned her, deciding to have her killed. Using the formidable power she gained in life, she killed her captors and her father, and began to seek an end to the Scarlet Crusade, which she got with the death of High Inquisitor Whitemane.



1550 HP

High basic attack damage

1.30 attack speed

Melee attack range

500 mana


Trait - D - Rip From Life - 120 second CD - 40 mana

Lilian's basic attacks and abilities reduce the healing the target receives by 10%. Stacks an additional time per 20% of the target's health missing. Lasts 6 seconds.


Activate to charge at an enemy after .25 seconds,

Q - Ghostly Strike - 4 second CD - 50 mana

Deal moderate damage to a target, plus additional damage that increases the lower the target's health is.


W - Purge - 12 second CD - 70 mana

Lilian erupts in power, creating shockwaves of purple flame that seek enemies, prioritizing low health enemy heroes. Creates 3 shockwaves per nearby enemy hero.


E - Meld Into Shadow - 18 second CD - 20 mana

Lilian melds into the shadow, gaining Invisible and Unstoppable for 2 seconds. Cannot attack or use abilities while Meld Into Shadow is active.


R1 - Blades of the Anointed

Takedowns increase the target's death timer by 5 seconds, plus an additional 2 seconds per stack of Rip From Life on the enemy.


Quest - Increase death timers on enemies by a total of 25 seconds.


Reward: increase all damage Lilian deals by 10%, and cause the bonus death time of Blades of the Anointed to double.


R2 - Become Another Monster! - 60 second CD - 80 mana

Lilian strikes a target, slowing them by 80% for 3 seconds and applying 4 stacks of Rip From Life regardless of their current health. For the next 7 seconds, targets with 4 stacks of Rip From Life receive 80% less healing.


R1 upgrade - Impurity

If Lilian delivers the killing blow to an enemy, she can channel on their corpse for up to 4 seconds, impaling her blades into them increasing the death timer by 2 seconds per second channeled. Corpses last for 8 seconds, and vanish after, which can cause Lilian to end her channel early.


R2 upgrade - Just Like Me

Lilian's attack and movement speed is increased by 20% while Become Another Monster is active.



Lilian is here, a simple but decisive character that's meant to deal with low-health enemies. She has a very strong escape and her W encourages her to move into teamfights, but because her escape as such a long cooldown, she needs to flank in order to ambush her enemies. Her heroic choices entirely depend on if the enemy drafted a counter for her. If they have no Medivh, Lucio, Zarya, or Tassadar, or anyone else who can provide shields, then Become Another Monster is the better choice, as it can nearly guarantee a takedown if her trait is off cooldown and the enemy is fleeing from a teamfight. If they have the potential to counter you, Blades of the Anointed is a unique ability that can increase Lilian's damage sizably and increase the amount of time enemies must wait before jumping back into the fray.


Hope you like this one! Have fun in the Nexus and have a great day!


Let me know what characters you'd like me to make. My current list is Azshara, then Zenyatta, then a Diablo demon. Not sure which one yet.

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