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UPDATE - Resolved

FIXED! Thanks to everyone for the help - see this comment for details.

Please (re)upload replays since the last patch!

Hi all- there have been a number of threads recently (e.g. this one) about HotsApi upload errors. The short story (see below for longer description) is almost all community replay projects rely on Blizzard's heroprotocol repo which was not updated after the last patch. Furthermore, Blizzard removed issue reporting from the repo (for those unfamiliar with GitHub, this means they basically turned off user contact). u/rumovoice (HotsApi founder and developer) is looking into a workaround, but in the meantime you can help!

What You Can Do

/u/falindrith has sent Blizzard a Pull Request (GitHub for "here, I fixed this for you - accept it") on the repo:


This might be our only chance to speak for the ongoing support of this service (and thus the projects that rely on it). Add a comment to that thread expressing your interest in Blizzard's attention to this service, and anything else (relevant to the repo) you would like them to know. GitHub accounts are free and only take a minute to make. If anyone has connections or knows devs like u/Blizz_DayBringer who are active around Reddit, reach out and ask for some attention to this matter.

Thank you all - see you in the Nexus!


Detailed Description

Blizzard's heroprotocol repo contains a general parser and a series of protocols, one for each patch. The way the parser works is it identifies the patch for any given replay and then "translates" it using the protocol file from that patch. If there is no protocol file to match the reply's patch it displays an error and quits. Protocols don't always change from patch to patch, but the unaltered parser does require the latest protocol to handle new replays after the patch.

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