So what is the psychological reasoning behind quitting after a team fight and flaming people

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Just played a game where our Tychus died in the first team fight and said “that’s my last team fight”. Look I know people give up due to frustration but why continue to play? Why not quit that game and give your teammates an ai? Besides age, which as an older hots player I would like to think is the reason, what drives the idea behind playing in such a manner? Is this just a lack of maturity or are there real mental hangups with such a player? I know gaming addiction is a real thing, are these characteristics of a video game addict? Wanting to ply so badly but then blaming others because they are ruining their high. I know there is not a simple solution for this and I’m sure this will get deleted or be told this is just fluff, but I feel like there must be a reason behind this lack of compassion for other people’s time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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