It seems most people want deathwing as a remaining big name villain from WC universe but I really

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Maybe not for wow players since he didnt play much there (just another raid boss... and Kil'Jaeden played much more)


But for warcraft(3) players like me, he was main antagonist, biggest villain and final enemy you face against in main story (excluding TFT)


He also has a lot of relations to other wc heroes. Jaina, Thrall, Malfurion and Tyrande fought against him at mount hyjal. and most other wc heroes at least know his name.


And one more reason I really need him... I need LEGION LEADER ANNOUNCER.


Mal'ganis is not a leader (he is more like lieutenant) and I dont have much interest to Sargeras as an announcer. even though he is the true leader of legion, he rarely talk (command) to his minions.


So... please. add him and his announcer pack as well... I know deathwing is much more appealing to other people, but I cant complete hots without Lord Archimonde... (and mannoroth... if possible)


P.S. please use his wc3 design as his hots model, that cloak was much more better compared to wow naked eredar fashion.

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