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Yeah, so, THESE RUSSIANS, am I right?

Actually, ugh, no. I'm Russian myself. I play well, sometimes I do ruin something but I'm definitely trying to play right and to have fun (stats are >50% usually). And I'm really tired of everyone blaming Russians for loosing games. Every country has this type of players who just shout at teammates and don't wanna cooperate, but somehow the stereotype was build that only Russians do that and also every Russian do that. And, as you know, Russia has enough of bullshit stereotypes already. What I'm trying to say is when you have a good player in the team you don't know their country and therefore you don't pay attention to it. So I suggest:

  1. Plss let this stereotype in your attitude exist only as jokes about Russians' bad gaming, not as an actual opinion that they are necessarily always bad. It's offensive, you know.

  2. If you're Russian and also kinda tired from this, you may try letting your teammates know in the chat about your country when you get MVP or when you just play really great. It's weird, yeah, but I think it may help building a better image and making normal russian players visible. Or maybe I’m wrong and this won’t help, I just can’t come up with anything that will effectively raise the visibility of okay and great Russian players for those who project bad examples on the whole group. Your suggestions?

Also, when I said "Russian" I meant everyone who speaks russian in the chat, including people from Ukraine, Belarus etc.

Edit: In case you don't know, A LOT OF people in Russia simply don't know English and don't have resources or need to study it. Shaming them for not being able to speak more languages is wrong, they owe you nothing. Pings exist for a reason. And if people for some reason don't use groupchat to talk in their language, what's the problem just ignoring them?

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