Nexus Compendium turns 1 - and what an amazing year for the site!

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Most people probably knows the site from my occasional references to it as part of the Free-to-Play Rotations and Heroic Deals data, but since the site was started, it has evolved much beyond that.

When I launched it, back on May 28, 2018, it had the following simple features:

  • A list of Heroes

  • Listings of when a given Hero was on Rotation

  • Showing the Newest and Current Rotation

  • Lightweight and ad-free Design

The goal, after that, was quite focused: Gather the remaining Rotation-data, and give predictions on when they would be on Rotation next - a goal that was met within the next few days. It was the most asked for goal, given that there was often questions about when a specific Hero would be on Rotation.

Since then, lots and lots of stuff was included:

  • Complete Hero Rotation data

  • Complete Sales data - for Heroes, Skins and Mounts

  • A full Prediction overview for both Hero Sales/Mounts (this was intended to include Skins/Mounts as well, but that was made redundant with the somewhat recent Collection changes)

  • Full Overview of Universes and Subuniverses (Skin themes / Realms)

  • Full List of Battlegrounds with Objectives, Mercenaries and Entities

  • All Skins and Mounts tied to the given Heroes and/or Universes

  • Data about Announcers (Heroes, Skins and Entities)

  • Detailed Hero Pages with their Rotation/Sales data, Skins, Role and more

  • Hero Role separated pages

  • A much-needed makeover, to make it look much prettier

  • A shiny Twitter account: @NexusCompendium

  • ... and probably more. See here for the updates: News

But, trust me, there’s so much more on the Backlog and in the Works:

  • A List of Events (both Seasonal and not) with data about the Skins/Mounts/Battlegrounds they added and their occurences

  • Hero Price history

  • Images of Skins

  • Individual Skin/Mount Pages

  • Making connections between related items - in whatever possible way

  • Including references to Heroes/Entities that are shown in Portraits and the like, to further deepen the various Subuniverses

  • Lists of all Announcers, and whatever might make sense to have as a list

  • The ability to see Predictions based on a specific week, to compare the outcome with the actual data

... and I’m always open to more and crazy ideas!

Remember, this was made just as much as a pet project, but also my personal love letter to the Nexus. The more people use it, the happier I am. Really ❤️

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