Match Quality Monday | May 27 - June 02

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Match Quality Monday is a weekly post for discussing what you liked and would like to see improved in Heroes of the Storm matches for both ranked and unranked play.

Please share your thoughts on the quality of your matches last week highlighting the following:

  • Examples of good (or bad) teamwork

  • Hero Meta changes you witnessed

  • Team comps that have good or bad synergy on certain maps

  • Real MVPs who do not get recognized on the score screen

  • Weirdness, bugs, or things that seem to be broken

  • Matchmaking quality & queue lengths (try and be specific about the time of day & region)

  • Specific goals or requests for advice on what to focus on in this week's matches

Reminder that Reddit posting & comment rules are in effect; be civil, constructive, and avoid shaming specific individuals.

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