Heroes of the Storm adds Death Knight Mei, all random mode, and more

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Heroes of the Storm continues to quietly update its existing roster of champions, as well as adding new ones to the mix. There are also events, which give the cast an array of skins. This time, Blizzard is rolling out CraftWars, a series of skins that mash up iconic characters from the StarCraft and Warcraft franchises. Ever wonder what Anduin would look like as a Terran Emperor? Or what the baby of Lich King Arthas and Queen of Blades Kerrigan would look like?

Blizzard’s various settings have always had some creative overlap, and Heroes of the Storm takes the opportunity to poke fun at this fairly often. Many heroes have skins from other franchises, and some of them even have special in-game interactions. For instance, Sylvanas and Kerrigan, two tortured femme fatales, 



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