D.Va's fully reworked Heroes of the Storm talents and abilities

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When Overwatch's favorite gamer, D.Va, made her way into the nexus back in 2017, players of multiple Blizzard titles chomped at the bit to see how the Heroes of the Storm development team was able to turn this half-mech, half-girl into a MOBA champion while still maintaining her familiarity. 

Three years later, results have been...mixed. While fans of Overwatch were able to relive the fantasy of jumping out of an exploding mech, swapping to a pilot with a pistol then doing it all over again, Heroes of the Storm players struggled with a champion that didn't feel as if they were impactful enough on the battlefield to make up for the sluggish walking speed of the mech. Compounded with a Defense Matrix that felt clunky to use and a pool of champions that did what D.Va aimed to do much better, she quickly fell out of the meta. 


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