After overwhelming fan feedback, Blizzard removed the climate mechanic from Heroes of the Storm

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Anomalies are shifting gears, design wise

"What can [one] do against such reckless hate?" is probably what the Heroes of the Storm developers were thinking after they unleashed the "weather anomaly" mechanic into the game several weeks ago.

Although the hero Mei has been a bonafide success, the weather mechanic was polarizing, to put it lightly. The gist is that nearly every map, in nearly every mode (even competitive gametypes), contained a weather gimmick. Some maps snowed and granted players shields. Another allowed players to periodically gain stealth when sitting in bushes. Another struck players with lightning that granted movement speed and extra damage.

In theory, it sounds like a fun little brawl-like mode: but it wasn't restricted to just brawl. Instead, everyone had to play it,


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