Fragments of the Dark Nexus event seeps into Heroes of the Storm

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The first Heroes of the Storm Dark Nexus event, titled “Behold the Power of the Dark Nexus,” introduced players to the ancient evil that sought to corrupt everything it touched, including Alarak and Gul’dan. Now, almost two years later, the corruption of the Dark Nexus has once again seeped into Heroes of the Storm. It returns in a new event: Fragments of the Dark Nexus.

The Fragments of the Dark Nexus event has just begun in-game. It will last until the next major Heroes of the Storm update.

The indomitable Deathwing stands at the center of the new event. He sought to gorge himself on the power of the Dark Nexus, harness it, and then wage a war of conquest. There are also the noble Protoss heroes Tassadar and Fenix.


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