Deathwing Joins “Heroes Of The Storm” Starting Today

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Blizzard announced today that The World Breaker has officially come to Heroes Of The Storm as Deathwing joins the list of heroes. Basically, they added a character that is unstoppable and can wreak havoc for a short period of time. However, he gets no buffs or healing from anyone as a trade-off for that kind of power. You can read more about the World Of Warcraft dragon as he enters the Nexus to bring terror to anyone who dare opposes him in Heroes Of The Storm.

Deathwing is the latest genre-defying Hero to enter the fray with a unique playstyle befitting such an iconic Hero. In fact, Deathwing is so powerful he has two forms each with new abilities that will allow you to embrace the Aspect of Death fantasy and rain molten destruction across the battlefield!


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