Heroes of the Storm PTR patch 49.0 update welcomes Deathwing

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Deathwing has arrived and is ready to rain down desolation and destruction on the Nexus in the latest Heroes of the Storm PTR patch.

Prior to BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard revealed that Heroes of the Storm's next character would be one of the biggest additions to its MOBA in many years. The names don't really come much bigger than Deathwing if you're a fan of Warcraft lore. It's been almost a month of waiting, but the Worldbreaker is now officially making his debut in the latest Heroes of the Storm PTR update.

Deathwing is exactly as powerful as one would expect him to be. In fact, The Aspect of Death makes him "permanently unstoppable" by grabting him multiple armor plates and allowing him to deal double damage to Heroes.


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