Heroes Hearth win seventh cup in a row, lock in first seed for playoffs

Heroes Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski

As the second phase of the Open Division comes to a close one last cup remained leading into the playoffs as teams are fighting for the best possible seeding. In this seventh cup, it came down to Heroes Hearth v. Team Numerics, and Imported Support v. Donkeys R Us. Two matches we've seen multiple times throughout this phase but with more on the line this time.

As Heroes Hearth and Team Numerics faced each other in the first semifinal, Team Numerics actually took the surprising first game off of Heroes Hearth. As game two went to Tomb of the Spider Queen there was no contest for Heroes Hearth as they quickly tied the series 1-1. Questionable drafting from both teams in game three but Heroes Hearth led the entire game and continued their glory to advance to yet another grand finals.

On the other side of the bracket, a re-match from the sixth cup semifinals with Imported Support v. Donkeys R Us. Imported had clearly the best map control in game one, ultimately leading them to lead the series. As it came to game two, Donkeys R Us took Lt. Morales and seemed to get the most value from the pick, but the team could not hold up against Imported Supports double support compostion with Rhegar and Lucio. While it seemed Donkeys R Us had a solid comeback towards the end, it was too little to late against the damage Imported Support had already done as they advanced to the finals.

While the third place match was not broadcasted on the main channel, we know that Team Numerics defeated Donkeys R Us, 2-1.

Two of the best teams this phase in the open division came together in the finals as Heroes Hearth faced Imported Support.

Imported Support has much more aggressive pressure in multiple lane on Infernal Shrines in game one, as they still played passively enought to get two kills as the first shrine spawned giving them the opportunity to get the first punisher. The next shrine did not go as well as HH turned on their own aggression getting several kills and taking complete control of the map as they reached level 10. While they took their first punisher all the way to the keep barely seven minutes into the game. Once HH pushed to level 16 they continued their dominating map control enought to take game one.

Game two was the last chance for Imported Support to make a move on Tomb of the Spider Queen and as they took double support (sensing a pattern?) their own damage dealer was from Gul'dan which would ultimately be their demise. Still a very equal game especially as teams reached level 13 with experience and map control equalling out. Regardless of HH spawning their second set of webweavers at level 14, Imported Pushed up far enough in the bottom lane to get four kills right as the webweavers spawned, seemingly taking the lead. As it came to literally one final team fight at level 18 it ultimately went to Heroes Hearth and as they ignored the gem turn in they went directly for the core and took their seventh cup win.

Needless to say, Heroes Hearth has been the most dominating Open Division team we've ever seen and as they take this win they also lock in their first place seeding going into the playoffs. Looking ahead there's a good chance they will advance to The Crucible, but who will join them?

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