Team Leftovers win again in European Open Division

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One more cup remains before the playoffs and as all teams are hungry for the best seeding possible, some are just looking to reach the top eight to advance.

In the first semi final of the sixth European Open Divison Cup, Team Leftovers took on Schiesseisen. As Schiesseisen already led by one game, it came to Towers of Doom. Equal at level 16, Leftovers took two altars along with the boss back to back and as Schiesseisen tried to push sappars to the bottom lane Leftovers held their defenses getting three kills. After the next altar phase spawning bottom lane, the two teams fought for them both as Leftovers earned the team wipe. They continued to take the remaining towers for themselves giving them full map control and tieing the series.

The tiebreaker came down to Sky Temple and as Leftovers reached level 10 their map control domination was obvious. Their level control continued as they secured the boss that Schiesseisen ignored and after securing it a second time, up by two levels, Leftovers were able to advance to yet another cup final.

On the other side of the bracket, Bushido e-Sports faced Run it Down once again. Bushido e-Sports has a record of beating Run it Down but as the phase inches close to the end, each team is becoming more and more seasoned. Leading after one game, Bushido e-Sports set their sights on Infernal Shrines. The whole match was fairly equal with constant trades on experience and kills. Bushido got a full team wipe at level 20, then ignored the next altar spawn and went straight to the core to advance to another cup final.

While it was not broadcasted on the main stream, we do know that Schiesseisen beat Run it Down in the third place match 2-0.

As the first game of the finals took us to Tomb of the Spider Queen, Leftovers sky rocketed to level 10 and finally got a full turn in at about eight minutes into the game also reaching level 13. Bushido immediately got the next full turn in to counter and slowly fought to reach level 13 as well. As they attempted a back to back turn in they group together and dove into the turn in which ended up being their demise as Leftovers got four kills from it then immediately went for boss and gem turn in. With the boss and webweavers, Leftobers ripped through the top lane all the way to the core. Neither teams were close enough to turn in again but Leftovers were able to gain gems much quicker to catch up as they reached level 20. Getting kills after kills they earned their next turn in and were able to secure the first win ending with 21-5 kills.

The second game set on Braxis Holdout, a map not seen regularly in Open Division as of late. The first beacon was controlled mostly by Team Leftover but not easily. The next beacons spawned close to level 13 and were again controlled completely by Leftovers. While the fight for beacons stretched out long enough for them to be substantially ahead, this final zerg push easily left the core open. Despite being two levels behind, Bushido took the boss under Leftovers noses but as they tried to push with it Leftovers earned level 16, wiped Bushido e-Sports and took their third cup win.

Team Leftovers now sit every comfortably at first place in the standings. While one cup remains there is a good chance that these eight will be the teams advancing to the playoffs in September. 

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