Sixth European Open Division Cup begins today 18:00CET/09:00PDT

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Week in and week out teams will fight to move up in the standings and secure their spot in the playoffs, along with a potential chance to play in the HGC Premier League. With this phase the top eight will move to the playoffs so now more than ever, every single cup is important as every team wants the very best seeding.

Around 30 teams are signed up and ready to face off in this sixth European Open Division Cup. We're nearing the end of this phase and as the playoffs approach all eyes are on the top eight teams in the standings. While it looks as though they may already be set, it only takes one cup for the possibility to shake things up before the playoffs begin.

While Bushido e-Sports were dominate in the early stages of this phase, they've fallen a bit short lately which has left room for Team Leftovers to take over the top spot in the standings. Bushido is 125 points behind Leftovers, so if they have hopes of locking in the best seeding in the playoffs they need to have a strong showing in the next two cups. Run it Down has earned top four in every cup this phase

Run it Down, Schiesseisen, and WhoAmI have also been impressive throughout the cup usually placing in the top eight. Then comes AlwaysLucky coming out of nowhere in the previous cup #5 ended up winning the whole cup beating Bushido e-Sports, Run it Down and Polska Pamieta.

Today at 18:00 CET the next seven weeks of amateur European competitive Heroes begins as teams hunger for a spot in the HGC Premier League.

Todays cup will be played on the LIVE server, and Garrosh IS allowed.

The first day of the tournament begins at 18:00 CET on twitch.tv/followgrubby.

Can't play in this cup? Don’t worry! Registration for the seventh and FINAL European Open Division Cup begins tonight as well at 18:00 CET.

Anticipating the North American Open Division? You're in luck! Registration is still open for the sixth NA Open Division Cup!

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