Blizzard partners with Twitch - implementing team support through Cheering

Heroes Jason “Renofox” Renau

Twitch and the Heroes Global Championship are teaming up to create a Cheering program, letting HGC fans support their favorite teams and organizations while unlocking loot for Twitch and Heroes of the Storm.

HGC Cheer

HGC Cheer is a new way for fans to celebrate HGC moments using Twitch chat to Cheer with Bits. By supporting your favorite teams, fans who Cheer earn unique Twitch emotes, as well as in-game banners and other team-specific items for use in Heroes of the Storm. You can check out Twitch's guide to Cheering here.

Dedicated HGC event page

Starting August 1st, just in time for the Western Clash, you can check out HGC's dedicated event page. Here you will be able to track all the Cheer action.

My Progress: As you cheer, you’ll hit personal fan milestones. As you reach mini-goals you’ll unlock mounts, caster meme packs used in-game, and they're putting some of your favorite emoji and sprays from Heroes of the Storm and adding them to the Heroes Twitch channel as emotes. There will be epic loot chests, legendary banners, and much available to earn as you cheer!

Fnatic is very excited about the immense progress of competitive Heroes of the Storm, and the recent HGC Cheer program will further help grow the community meanwhile benefiting its stakeholders. – Fnatic (EU)

Team Progress: As you Cheer for a favorite team you'll unlock team-specific cosmetic items like banners, sprays, and badges for use in Heroes of the Storm. In Twitch there will be team specific emotes that reflect how much you’ve cheered for your team.

We are excited to hear about the support that teams competing in the HGC will receive from Blizzard Entertainment and Twitch through HGC Cheer. It has been eight years since Team MVP established as a StarCraft II pro esports team, and we are grateful that Blizzard is continuing to explore new ways to sustain relationships between fans, players and organizations. We think HGC Cheer has potential to be incredibly beneficial to both Korean and global HGC teams, and we are eager to see how it might grow in the future.” - Choi, Owner Team MVP

Global Progress: All fans that support the program with any level of Cheering will receive special loot when the community as a whole hits global Cheering milestones.

Even cheering something as small as $1 toward your favorite team will unlock an in-game HGC and Team portrait and 50% of the revenue goes to that teams organization.

The esports scene lives on Twitch, and I am ecstatic to see Heroes of the Storm continue its growth on the platform in the coming years. The HGC Cheer reward system is a progressive and innovative way for fans to support their favorite teams and players. More importantly, it's true to the way fans consume Heroes esports, and a natural fit for the HGC ecosystem. -Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk, CEO of Tempo Storm

Now you as a fan can throw your support behind any (or all) 32 teams in the HGC, just by visiting the HGC Cheer event page, grabbing some Twitch Bits, and Cheering your support for Heroes of the Storm esports.

For all the fans out there, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep showing up, keep watching. You guys are fantastic and we here at the HGC team are loving the growth of the scene. Use Cheer as an opportunity to show support and fandom to the team that you love. Know that this is going toward them and their dedication to Heroes. Show em love, they deserve it! -Sam "Milkfat" Braithwaite, HGC Lead

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