The Tides Turn in the Fourth North American Open Division Cup

Heroes Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski

After the two week Open Division hiatus during the Western and Eastern Clash, the North American Open Division returned with a pair of game three semi-finals and a major upset.

As the Heroes Open Division returned this week teams have only three more cups to compete in, hoping to take one of the top spots and advance to The Crucible for their chance at taking a position in the Heroes Premier League. 

As we entered the semi-finals for the fourth North American Open Division cup Even in Death faced the dominating UT-A. The two teams have only met each other once before in the first Open Division Cup where EiD gave UT-A one of it's only game loses. This match was equally as impressive. As the playing field was evened out 1-1 it all came down to the tie breaker.

Looking at the draft you would think it would have been an easy third game for UT-A. On Battlefield of Eternity EiD was forced to pretty much defend on every Immortal spawn and didn't have enough distinct damage to really take much of a stand. Luckily, at level 18 UT-A made some heavy mistakes allowing EiD to finally take the immortal, push all the way through the bottom lane and deal the upset over UT-A.

On the other side of the bracket, Imported Support faced LFM which turned into yet another game three matchup. Going into the final game on Sky Temple it was equally contested on both sides. Leading into level 17 LFM gained a huge advantage after a four man kill allowed them to not only take the boss with an empty bottom lane, but take the remaining temple as well. Rolling into the level 20 storm talents, LFM was up by two levels and took the two spawned temples in this late game allowing them to whittle down the core enough to take the win and advance to the finals.  

UT-A forfeit their third place match, giving Imported Support the automatic win.

As the finals began we saw yet another match reach a third game. The final game on Sky Temple seemed to go all EiDs way in the early and mid game. Taking the boss as soon as reaching level 10 EiD kept every advantage in their favor. At that point they had all towers and forts still up while LFM struggled to keep up. At level 18 EiD made a risky move taking the boss instead of temples, allowing LFM to put pressure on their enemies core they hadn't before. As both teams reached around level 20 the playing field had completely equaled out and it became a nail biter to the end. With two temples spawning EiD had no choice but to defend but couldn't hold up against the global and Mighty Gust potential as LFM took the boss and both temples. As it reached the late game Mule was a huge addition saving essentially two forts on the side of LFM. EiD began to play less aggressive as they gave up both temples opening up bottom lane for LFM catapults and eventually taking the win.

As LFM takes their first Open Division Cup win, it also launches them to the top spot just 10 points over UT-A. 

As you may notice as well, Miasma esports has dropped from the standings due to roster changes, forcing them to lose their position and start over. 

Three cups remain until the top 16 teams will face off in the Open Division Playoffs after which the top two will then advance to the Crucible to fight against the lowest two teams currently playing in the Heroes Premier League.

Think that your team has what it takes? Registration is already open for the fifth North American Open Division Cup on April 3rd!

Are you in Europe? Well you're in luck! Registration for the fifth European Open Division Cup is now open as well. Sign your team up here.

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