MVP Black reclaims their title and defeats L5 in the Eastern Clash

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

Utilizing new heroes and tactics, MVP Black broke the three-match losing streak against L5 when it mattered the most.

After MVP Black defeated L5 3-2 in at the top of the winner's bracket, it was clear that the days of L5 easily trumping the competition was over. The set was extremely close and showcased the MVP Black of old. This MVP Black brought out unique strategies like Varian, Lunara and Valeera, giving them the edge over L5's more standard draft.

MVP Black's Valeera game

During the grand finals, MVP Black entertained audiences with immaculate support play and team unity. Merryday's incredible Lucio was unlike anything competitive heroes has ever seen and was the clear MVP of the match. L5 just couldn't keep up with the aggressive rotations and Lucio kill confirms.

Oh, and did we mention MVP Black drafted Murky?

If you didn't catch the grand finals live (probably sleeping, right?), all of the matches have been uploaded on the official Heroes eSports YouTube channel,

With this win, MVP Black has returned to the top of our competitive rankings. There was a while where it seemed as if no one would ever be able to content with MVP Black, but that was before the era of L5, Dignitas, and Fnatic. Perhaps MVP Black is about to start another season-long win streak.

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