Brackets for the Eastern Clash revealed

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

$65,000 is on the line in this double-elimination format including some of the best teams in the world.

This Thursday at 10:00 PM PST (spilling over to Friday and ending at 2:30 AM PST) the Eastern Clash starts and will showcase the highest level Heroes of the Storm has to offer. The schedule has been posted here and the individual matches are as follows.

Match 1:

L5 V.S. Resurgence

The number 1 seeded team in Korea vs. the best team in Singapore. Although Resurgence is the huge underdog here, I can't help but think they stand more of a chance vs L5 than some of the other teams. If you try to play standard vs. L5, the best team in the world, you are going to lose. 

So maybe Resurgence can pull a Nomia and surprise the favored team by playing their own style? Maybe this won't be a complete stomp?

Match 2:

Zero V.S. Tempest

Both of these teams are the third seed for their respective regions (Chinese and Korean) and this will likely be one of the even matchups of day 1. Of course, it's easy to say that Tempest has the edge here (and they likely do) Zero has shown an astute awareness of what heroes and strategies are strong when the meta shifts (as seen during last years Gold Club world championship)

Match 3:

 eStar V.S. TFC

EStar is a veteran Heroes of the Storm team that has experience facing nearly every top team in all regions for the past two years, and although their roster has changed often, the core of the group remains strong.  All of that experience gives them a tremendous edge of the barely tested TFC from Taiwan.

Whatever happens, I look forward to watching the Taiwanese face the toughest opponents of their career.

Match 4:

MVP Black V.S. Super Perfect Team

MVP Black has beaten Super Perfect team before and it wasn't close. However, that was back when MVP Black was at their strongest and when SPT's new roster was relatively new. The nostalgia of MVP Black destroying any team that isn't one of their Korean practice partners makes it easy to mark SPT the underdog, but there is no real reason to believe that SPT hasn't vastly improved their game since last these two teams met.

Is MVP Black favored? Yes, but I don't think this will be a stomp.

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